Monday, August 2, 2010


Today was my first day being fully in charge of classes. I was nervous for the first couple but by the final few classes of the day, I was fine. It was really easy to slide back into the old student teaching groove and even to let loose.

It could just be that, because I'm a new teacher and a male in a very male dominated society (I will accept that as a potential factor in management and respect HERE in South Korea), that the students are being angels while they find my weak points. Heck, it probably is that, but right now I really don't see any problems in the future coming from my kids. Reigning in the "issues" left over from the previous teacher took about 4 minutes, and was really just my introduction and institution of a few rules. These kids are wonderful, thus far.

A few hiccups today. The kids in my very first class were supposed to be issued new books, but they hadn't been, so when I asked them to take out their books they go "Teacher! No book!" and I even checked a couple back packs to make sure they weren't lying. So, they got off without homework today.

Another class, when I opened up the books and lesson plans that were made for me today (my first few weeks of lesson plans were laid out by my supervisors, a few were made by me, but that's just how they do it here at first) the class had already done the work for today. In fact, they had it done for the next three weeks of plans in the book. So...we played hangman, I worked on learning their names, and we made a one word story where I wrote out their poor grammar and we corrected it all as a class.

My last class of the day we had no clue what to do with, except that they worked out of a particular book. Fortunately they're the highest level of students at this hogwan (private school) - 8th grade, approximately - and they told me where they were and what they needed to work on.

Some goof ups, but none of it was my fault so I'm not too worried. We straightened it all out, so it should be fine from here on out...hopefully.

Tomorrow I have what the previous teacher called her worst class. They've seemed like pretty solid kids to me, but we'll see how it goes. Awesome.

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