Tuesday, July 20, 2010

PICTURES -Second Day of Work and Korean BBQ

Not much to say about my second day of work. Training and observation continued. I'm feeling more comfortable getting involved in the classes and am not spending the entire period sitting or walking around.

After work, Katherine (the girl I'm replacing) took Tyler and I out for Korean Barbecue. Like all things Korean, there was a heap of side dishes - but with a twist. You order uncooked meat which is brought to your table along with the side dishes, and then you use tongs and scissors to cut the meat up and barbecue it on a tiny grill set in the center of the table (pictures on my flickr, link at the bottom of post and in my profile). Once you've cooked your food to your liking, you can eat it as is OR take the side dishes and put them, along with your meat, into small lettuce wraps. Delicious. Also super low carb, so it would be easy to get back on that train if I ate Korean BBQ every day.

Katherine has been in the country for about a year and a half total, so her Hangeul and spoken Korean are better than mine and Tyler's (who has been here about a month). she ordered us two different types of pork. A type of pork chop and then what looked like super thick cuts of bacon. Very fatty, but very delicious.

Work is interesting on Tuesday/Thursday (or maybe just Tuesday? I'll find out soon). We finish with classes at 8:15pm, but then have to stick around work until 9. So what people end up doing is going out to dinner after class, then coming back to work to clock out. Nice.

Walked home alone for he first time. I got this now.

Here is the link to my Flickr page. I think. I've never used it before so if this doesn't work, let me know and I'll fix it.


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  1. Haha I am going to claim that the 'e' in art for e is short for me